Firecrews from Richmond and Twickenham helped put out fires in neighbouring boroughs as rioting spread across London.

Richmond's red watch was called to Merton where they tackled a blaze at Priory retail estate in Colliers Wood.

The watch was called at 10.20pm and stayed on the scene until 2am. They had police protection while they fought flames at shops which had been attacked.

The watch manager said: "There were lots of old trucks waiting around and cars coming into the car park.

"There seemed to be lots of groups of four or five cars parking up.

"It wasn't too bad where we were but we could see how when driving towards it all the pubs were all shut and not really anyone walking around, then we got there and people were walking around with JD bags packed full [of things they had looted]."

And Twickenham's red watch also had a busy night after being called to help with fires in London Road, Croydon.

The watch were called at 10pm and were on the scene until 6.15am trying to put out a fire at shops and adjoining flats above.

Red watch manager Andy Packer said: "We were met with a fully developed fire already being tackled by crews.

"We did our best to hold the fire back and managed to stop it spreading the full length of the flats and saved several properties."