Women are putting themselves at risk of cervical cancer, a survey has revealed.

The independent survey of 2,000 female London residents aged 18 or over revealed that 27 per cent of Kingston women and 19 per cent of Richmond women have never had a cervical smear.

This goes against current government guidelines, which suggest women should have a screen every three to five years, to help reduce the risk of developing the cancer, which kills three women a day in the UK.

Women’s health specialists at BMI Fitzroy Square Hospital, who commissioned the survey, said the research results were extremely concerning.

Obstetrician and gynaecologist Robert Sherwin said: “Most women will at some point during their life suffer gynaecological symptoms. While most are not dangerous, if left untreated some can lead to more serious conditions.

“I would urge all women to visit a gynaecologist if they are not happy discussing these issues with their GP.”