A Brentford man who went berserk on a plane, shouting that he knew Osama Bin Laden, had to be restrained with hand and leg cuffs.

The drunken rampage began after Virgin Airline crew refused to let 36-year-old Moustafa Moufaden buy more alcohol.

Demanding that the captain of the flight from Shanghai to London's Heathrow should call his bank to check his credit rating, 36-year-old Moufaden "shouted loudly that he had contacts with Osama Bin Laden", prosecutor Nicholas Rimmer told Isleworth Crown Court on Monday.

"This caused considerable concern among crew and passengers," he said.

Trouble started about an hour into the 15- hour flight after Moufaden, from Whytestyles Road, Brentford, started moving around the passenger area talking excitedly to the crew and passengers, Mr Rimmer said: "He had his complimentary drinks and then there were constant quests for more alcohol.

"At one stage he tried to purchase more alcohol on his credit card and when that was declined he began shouting at the cabin crew asking for the captain to contact his bank."

A stewardess had to summon her male colleagues for help and they asked for restraining equipment to be on hand.

Mr Rimmer added: "About five hours into the flight his drunkenness and behaviour had deteriorated to such an extent that the crew considered him a danger to the safety of the aircraft and he was placed in restraints - hand and leg cuffs - in a seat at the back of the plane. It took the involvement of 14 members of the crew who were, of course, taken from other duties," said counsel.

"Then they took it in turns to keep an eye on him. He continued to have aggressive and violent mood swings being calm one minute and then shouting".

Police met the flight when it landed at Heathrow and Moufaden was arrested.

Moufaden, admitted endangering the aircraft and being drunk on an aircraft on October 7 last year and was remanded for assessment for alcohol treatment and possible unpaid work.

His counsel Dominic Cox said he had never been in trouble before and "realised his behaviour had been disgraceful and wants to make sure it never happens again".

Judge Stephen Powles QC warned him that "all sentencing options, including custody remain open".