Young scientists have launched what was thought to be the largest water rocket the world has ever seen.

Enthusiasts made the 3.4m missile out of 100 fizzy drinks bottles for the National Physical Laboratory’s (NPL) water rocket challenge, in Teddington.

More than 50 teams from around the country put their science skills to the test in a bid to keep their design in the air the longest and control the accuracy of its landing.

Schools, youth groups and families made a staggering 820 missiles for the event, which raised more than £2,500 for the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice, Hampton, on Wednesday last week.

NPL believed the biggest entry set a world record for the largest water rocket launched.

Richmond mayor Councillor Clare Head awarded prizes for best overall engineering, launch mechanism, wing design and longest time in the air, along with the most impressive uniforms, banners and crowd-pleasing efforts.

Team Infinity and Beyond, from Broadwater School, Godalming, walked away with first prize in the schools competition and Team Nano Express won the open event.