For many the thought of getting old is something to be feared - but for one Barnes theatre producer experiencing the life of a pensioner can’t come soon enough.

Solvene Tiffou, 39, of Lonsdale Road, is so keen to highlight the loneliness of the elderly population she intends to sit in a Castelnau shop window for 12 hours today, watching the world go by, in her mission to demonstrate the plight of older segments of society.

Mrs Tiffou, who also spent yesterday sitting in the window as part of her living art demonstration, said she hoped people would see her and be inspired to think what life is like for the older generation.

She said: “Old age is something I really care about and I would really like to find ways to make older people feel they are useful and interesting.

“I had been walking past this empty shop window [at 192 Castelnau] and had an idea this could be quite a fun way of showing the loneliness of old people.”

After being inspired to use the empty shop space as a focal point to get people thinking about aging in society the mother-of-four rang the owner and convinced him to lend her the window for two days.

She said: “At first I thought about doing it [sitting in the window] for 24 hours straight but then I thought it was not very realistic as I would not be sleeping so I thought more about two days of 12 hours so more people would see it.

“It will be 12 hours doing practically nothing so people can be inspired to have a feeling and a thought - it is not changing the world but just giving people a tiny thought [and I] hope people will take away an awareness of it... just the idea it is so hard in this life to age.

“So many people are completely alone and not doing anything... what I’m mainly interested is their loneliness as they have so many talents and yet are completely left with no way to show that talent and enjoy their time [and are] often just left doing boring things.”

Mrs Tiffou will be sitting in the shop window from 7am to 7pm.