A pub where police have reported a string of violent crimes, including a 17-year-old girl allegedly attacking customers with a fire extinguisher, faces having its licence revoked.

Richmond police claimed the Grand Union, in London Road, Twickenham, was rife with offences including assault, theft and drug dealing in the past year, but poor CCTV meant suspected criminals had escaped.

Neighbours of the bar, which is allowed to sell alcohol until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, have also complained about noise and the late opening hours.

Sergeant David George, of Richmond police, will tonight ask Richmond Council’s licensing sub-committee to review the pub’s licence. He will list 21 alleged incidents since July last year that have caused “significant policing concern”, including:

- A drinker smashed a pint glass into another man’s face causing “horrific injuries”

- Staff “significantly hampered” a rape investigation by taking 19 days to give CCTV to police

- A 17-year-old girl hit a customer over the head with a fire extinguisher and sprayed her in the face

- A man threatened to stab a female staff member

- A customer punched a plain-clothed police officer in the face in a nearby alleyway

- Staff repeatedly slammed a woman’s foot in the door

Sgt George will tell councillors that CCTV failed to capture a fight on August 21 last year because the camera was behind a pillar.

A drinker allegedly smashed a glass in another man’s face before a second was said to have repeatedly punched him in the head.

The police investigation was “hugely hampered” after door staff failed to try and stop the attackers leaving the pub, Sgt George claimed.

He will say in a report to the committee: “They have never been traced and the victim never received justice.”

Police also claimed a large poster stated the pub let customers in until 1am, but its licence only allowed entry until 11.30pm.

Adam Marshall, managing director of the Grand Union Group, said he did not want to comment before tonight’s licence review.