Richmond’s London Assembly member has told Thames Water to “think again” over its plans to build a super sewer entrance at Barn Elms.

Councillor Tony Arbour called for the water company to rethink its plans to use the playing fields as a site for the entrance of the proposed £3.6bn Thames Tunnel after the water company made a similar move in east London.

Thames Water announced this week it would be considering changing its proposal to use King’s Stairs Gardens, in Rotherhithe, as a shaft site for the tunnel, for Chambers Wharf, Bermondsey.

Coun Arbour said: “Thames Water had previously insisted using King’s Stairs Gardens was essential to its plans for the Tideway Tunnel, just like it has done with Barn Elms.

“But if its prepared to reconsider that site, it should also be looking for alternative sites to Barn Elms, which is deeply unpopular with residents.”

Phil Stride, Thames Water’s head of London Tideway Tunnels, said: “There is still a lot more work to be done, including further discussions with local communities, before we make any final decisions about the construction sites we need.”