Mentors will help Richmond’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) get a boost from the country’s first mentoring register.

The chamber of commerce, led by Anne Newton, was the first in the UK to open a mentors’ register for professionals willing to help SMEs with advice and support.

Ms Newton said: “The Richmond Chamber of Commerce sets the lead nationally in being the first to open a mentors’ register for businessmen and women who have the time to mentor local business.

“All that is required is for those interested in mentoring to provide me with details of their skill set, business interests and time each month they have available. We will match them with members requiring mentoring.”

Twickenham MP Vince Cable has championed the cause and envisaged 40,000 business mentors signing up across the country.

He said: “The best people to advise new entrepreneurs and existing businesses are those who have already started and run successful companies.

“Mentoring is a very effective way promoting start-ups, higher productivity and growth among established businesses.”

Chris Poll, CEO of CreditPal, said: “Mentoring is the means by which experienced businessmen and women can share their knowledge and help smaller businesses navigate today’s economic difficulties and position for growth.

“Just a few hours a month of advice and guidance can be worth a great deal.

“As special encouragement to Richmond Chamber of Commerce members and their mentors, we are offering free usage of CreditPal Essentials ( so owners and managers who use accounting systems such as Sage, Access and Quick Books can automatically prepare up to date financial information each and every month.”

Anybody interested in mentoring, or keen to find out more, email