A pensioner got caught on the wrong side of the law after using his dead mother’s disabled badge to dodge parking charges.

Michael Feldman, 70, of Petersham Road, Richmond, admitted changing the expiry date on the blue badge and using it to get free parking for eight years.

Feldman, who was one of 11 prosecuted for blue badge misuse in the past three weeks, was convicted of fraudulently amending the badge and changing the expiry date to 2011.

When he appeared at Richmond Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday he was fined £690 and ordered to pay costs of £540.

The Richmond and Twickenham Times visited Feldman's riverside home to get his response but there was no answer when we rang the buzzer on the gated entrance.

The 10 other motorists who were prosecuted following Richmond Council’s May crackdown were also fined and in total will have to pay more than £5,000 in fines and costs.

All 11 motorists were caught as part of a council and police-run operation to raise awareness of blue badge fraud and misuse as a criminal offence.

All badge holders are given a booklet when they register with the council that states acceptable use. There is also clear Government guidance for holders, and their carers, which says non-badge holders should not take advantage of parking concessions provided under the scheme.

Councillor Clare Head, Richmond Council’s cabinet member for traffic, said: “Very strict rules exist on who can use a blue badge, and when we find able-bodied people taking advantage and not paying their way like everyone else in society, there will be no hesitation in prosecuting them.

“The badges exist to help people with mobility problems. Their unauthorised use by able-bodied people who think they can park anywhere they like is illegal and will not be tolerated.”

Also in court:

Amanda Eldridge, 40, of Redway Drive, Twickenham - used badge belonging to her disabled daughter to park at work after the school run. Fined £190 and £450 costs.

Emma Kitchin, 37, of Goldsmith Avenue, Acton - used husband’s blue badge to park at the Green, Richmond. Fined £190 and £450 costs.

Patricia Hunt, 60, of Leigh Road, Cobham - used mother’s badge to park while returning clothes from Richmond’s House of Fraser. Fined £80 and £450 costs.

Nita Chauhan, 35, of Tentelow Lane, Southall - used grandfather-in-law’s badge to park outside the shop where she worked in Richmond. Fined £215 and £450 costs.

Sayfeddin Bakkali, 22, of Hemlock Road, East Acton - used grandmother’s badge for free parking while working in Richmond. Fined £80 and £315 costs.

Linda Charalamides, 52, of Roselyn Road, St Margarets - used mother-in-law's badge to take her daughter to the dentist. Fined £165 and £315 costs.

Martyn Humphreys, 26, of Besborough Road, Roehampton -used badge belonging to boss’ wife while working on building site in Richmond. Fined £315 and £450 costs.

Trevor Bryan, 49, of Barley Lane, Ilford - used mother’s badge and told council officers she was visiting shops in Richmond when she was not. Fined £80 and £315 costs.

Ann Buckley, 51, of Duke Road, Chiswick - still using the badge of someone she cared for this year after his death in 2007. Fined £80 and £335 costs.

Krystyna Rozwadowska, 54, of Mayfield Road, Acton - used father's expired badge to get free parking on two days while working in Richmond. Fined £265 and £315 costs.