A student was hit by a bus in Twickenham today.

The 22-year-old male student was struck by a number 267 bus outside Twickenham police station at about 3pm.

The injured student was taken to Charing Cross Hospital, with what appeared to be facial, neck, and possibly spinal injuries.

An air ambulance was at the scene but a spokesman confirmed he was not airlifted to hospital.

The student, from the LAL language centre - based at Allied House, London Road, close to where the incident happened - was conscious and was seen talking to ambulance crews and staff from the centre.

Nicola Brullo, from Battersea, saw the incident unfold.

She said: “He had his hood up and he stepped out in front of the bus, the driver didn’t have a chance.

“He wasn’t on the crossing, he was looking the wrong way with his hood up and the driver hit him.

“he went up in the air a little bit and was lucky he didn’t land under the bus.

“It wasn’t very pleasant.”

London Road was sealed off by police for about 45 minutes while paramedics treated the student.