Channel 4 today announced that five more MPs face under scrutiny over election spending, alongside Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith.

Following a joint investigation by Channel 4 News and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism into campaign spending, questions were raised about various MPs' account keeping in the run up to the election.

Last week Mr Goldsmith was put in the spotlight amid allegations in a Channel 4 report that he had failed to register all his campaign costs correctly.

Mr Goldsmith denied any wrongdoing, and said: "If the electoral commission looks into it they will find nothing out of order."

The TV broadcaster stood by its report and released a statement today confirming that tonight they will be putting the spending of five more MPs under the spotlight.

There are strict spending limits on how much candidates can spend on their campaigns in the 23 days between parliament being dissolved and the election being called.

If candidates go over the set limit even by £1, they could face serious consequences including being barred from parliament or facing criminal charges.

Tonight's Channel 4 news will focus on Labour MP Phil Woolas, Liberal Democrat Sarah Teather, and Conservative party members Ben Gummer, Gavin Barwell and Dan Byles as they have their returns examined in detail.