Mortlake residents will have more time to voice their opinion on what should become of the Stag Brewery site after it was revealed it would stay open for another year.

Although the site is owned by drinks company Anheuser-Busch InBev, a statement released by the council encouraged the public to use this “window of opportunity” to give their views on its future.

Councillor Virginia Morris, cabinet member for environment, said: “There is now a very important chance for people to tell us how this prominent part of Mortlake should develop in the long-term future, before the brewery shuts down.

“These extra months mean we have an even better chance to come up with strong, well-thought out ideas before the site falls out of use.

“It is vital everyone with an opinion tells us what they want to see happen.”

The site, in Lower Richmond Road, has been home to brewers since 1489, most recently as the location for concocting famous drinks brands like Budweiser.

Last year, Anheuser-Busch announced the factory would close in December 2010 amid restructuring plans but a spokeswoman confirmed this week that those plans had now changed.

She said that because Budweiser sales had been exceeding expectations it had led to a postponement until December next year at least.

The announcement the brewery would be staying open for a further year created excitement as many in Mortlake would like to see the time spent finding a new community-based design that residents can use.

Kate Woodhouse, Mortlake Community Association chairman, welcomed the fact people would be employed by the brewery for longer, but said it did not alter the inevitability of its closure.

She said: “The people of Mortlake are anxious to ensure that whatever replaces the brewery will take account of their clear wish for employment opportunities, to maintain the existing open space and create affordable housing and community buildings.”

John Repsch, of nearby Chertsey Court, added: “Let’s see this as a wonderful opportunity to turn this land into something that will be of use to everybody.”

Ideas previously put forward for the site included a primary school, ice rink and sporting facilities.

The council confirmed the land was owned by the brewery and the final decision regarding its future lay with them.

However, it said it would try to influence what happened as it was keen for the new owners to do something the community was in favour of.