Dog lovers are leading the way in keeping a popular park foul free.

A group of dog owners are hoping to raise enough money to supply dog litter bags at Marble Hill Park after they were scrapped by English Heritage, which manages the site.

Setting up a fund called Pick Up Poo Please (Pupp), the responsible owners are hoping to raise at least £2,000, which will buy a year’s supply of the bags. They are asking other dog owners to make a donation of £20 towards the project.

Group member Robin Reynolds, of Poulett Gardens, Twickenham, who owns a black labrador named Izzey, said: “The whole aim is to keep the park free of dog mess.

“There are so many dog walkers that use the park over the week.

“If there’s something there they will use it, if not they won’t bother.

“It is about getting as many people as possible to understand that the more people who pay £20 the more bags can be purchased and the end gain will be that initial payment not being required for perhaps two or three years.”

But she added any donation would be welcome and said she hoped general park users would contribute as well as dog owners.

Fellow group member Caroline Kelly, said: “Obviously with no bags provided responsible dog owners provide their own, however these are in a minority and the increase in dog mess in the park is considerable.

“Along with dog walkers this is a park that is used by children and sports groups.”

Dog walker Zoe Brass said she believed it was a good idea, but feared the system could be abused by people taking handful of bags at a time.

A spokeswoman for English Heritage said: “We do have to regularly review our expenditure and look at ways of making savings.

“We are grateful for the understanding and effort of those users of the park who are actively seeking to raise funds for dog bags and we are eager to continue working positively with the group to help maintain the park as a pleasant environment for the entire community to use.”

To make a donation send a cheque with name, address and email on the back to Pupp Park Office, Marble Hill Park, Richmond Road TW1 2NL.

For more information call the park’s ranger team on 07825 680709.