Traffic lights in Richmond, Barnes, Hampton and Hampton Wick could be ripped out under a new scheme proposed by Transport for London (TfL), sparking safety fears.

The organisation in charge of transport in the capital is proposing to rip out 145 sets of traffic lights that are “no longer doing a useful job”.

Among the 145 under consideration are a set in Castelnau, Barnes, near the junction with Trinity Church Road, and a set at the junction of Star and Garter Hill and Petersham Road, Richmond.

Others include the lights in Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, by Beverley Road, and two sets in Oak Avenue, Hampton, at the junctions with Stewart Close and Victors Drive.

Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor of London’s transport adviser, said: “There are few things more annoying than sitting at a traffic light on red for no apparent reason and we’ve now identified 145 sites where we think the signals may no longer be doing a useful job.

“By getting rid of them, we hope we can smooth traffic flow across London and deliver real improvements for all road users.”

The plan has been criticised by Val Shawcross, Labour transport spokeswoman on the London Assembly, who said it would be dangerous for pedestrians to remove so many pelican crossings.

She said: “The Mayor should be extremely cautious about taking out pedestrian crossings and reducing crossing times from London’s roads. Pelican crossings are there for the safety and convenience of people on foot but they make up half of the lights proposed for removal.”

Councillor Clare Head, Richmond Council cabinet member for traffic, said she welcomed the Mayor’s commitment to getting traffic moving but it was important to remember the role lights played in road safety.

She added: “The removal of any lights would subject the council to considerable cost which needs to be carefully balanced with calls on other priority areas in transport.”

TfL reviewed the timings of 1,003 sets of lights in the capital last year and is consulting councils on whether to remove the 145 identified or replace them with alternative measures.