Funding for three new academies in the borough could be under threat and £660,000 for primary school rebuilding has also been slashed, it was revealed this week.

New Education Secretary Michael Gove announced on Monday there was to be a review of Government investment in school building programmes.

The Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme is to be scrapped with every new academy reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Councillor Geoffrey Samuel, Richmond Council deputy leader, said further examination of the Government announcement revealed it was not only the academies funding under threat.

He said: “We learned £660,000 less will be given to the council [after this announcement] and there are two other grants also being investigated.

“The council was given a specific grant for primary schools and that hasn’t been confirmed.

“Everything is changing and I will wait until a full picture emerges [before I know how much we have lost].

“We have to provide primary school places, it is a statutory requirement.”

Mr Gove’s announcement signalled the death knell for hundreds of new school projects across the country but he confirmed the BSF project at Teddington School was unaffected.

The council is rebuilding the Broom Road school at a cost of £36.75m, with about £25m coming from the BSF programme.

The buildings are now complete and as the money has been received the project is at no risk but plans to turn Shene School, Hampton Community College and Whitton School into academies could be.

All three schools are set to shut on August 31 and open as academies a day later and have refurbishments paid for by the Government.

According to the Government announcement the three schemes are “under discussion”.

Councillor Paul Hodgins, Richmond Council cabinet member for schools, said: “Following the Government’s announcement on Monday, we understand that each academy is being considered on a case-by-case basis, and we know that no funding is sacrosanct.

“We are in contact with the Department for Education and are waiting for further information about the timescales for the review.

“We would like to think that the significant progress made on our academies to this point will stand us in good stead.”