Alan Keen has denied involvement in an alleged expenses “cover-up” after details of his parliamentary claims were deleted from his Wikipedia page.

The Feltham and Heston MP said he had never read the online encyclopedia entry until last week, and he was “pretty sure” his staff had not tampered with it.

The username “Alankeen mp” reportedly edited details on his biographical page on May 28, 2008.

“Alankeenmp”, along with a second unnamed user from a parliamentary address, was also said to have removed a statement on his wife Ann’s page, which said they used £175,000 of taxpayers’ money to buy an apartment and took out life insurance policies worth £430,000.

Mr Keen said: “I have absolutely no idea, I know nothing about that.

“I know I haven’t and I’m pretty sure nobody in the office has.

“They wouldn’t use ‘Alankeenmp’, my staff are much more sensible – but I’m not saying that because we’ve done it before.”

He said many reports about his own and his wife’s expenses claims were inaccurate, but he had not made any effort to change them.

“Alankeenmp” has reportedly not contributed to Wikipedia since May 2008.

The user-edited website sent “Alankeenmp” a warning last year, saying anyone with a conflict of interest, including someone with a close connection to the person the page is about, should not edit the information.

Mr Keen said: “I have never looked at myself on Wikipedia, but I actually looked last week for the first time. I didn’t do it on purpose, I was looking for something else.”

An investigation found more than 10 cases of MPs’ biographical pages being altered.