The Twickenham Riverside ward has been won by the Conservatives after residents used their vote to protest against the Liberal Democrats' controversial riverside redevelopment.

Susan Chappell received the highest number of votes, polling 2,473, followed by Samantha Salvoni with 2,295 votes and Scott Naylor with 2,283.

The Lib Dems - who previously had control of all three seats - announced in October they were to shelve their plan to build 32 homes and a river centre on the Twickenham site until after the election, leaving the fate of the proposal to the voters.

Speaking of her win, Mrs Chappell said: “It’s fantastic. I’ve never come first in anything.”

Mrs Salvoni shared in her colleague's enthusiasm and said: ”We’re thrilled to come first.”

Leader of Richmond’s Tories Nick True praised the three new councillors for their campaign work and said they had taken the Lib Dems at their word.

He said: ”It’s a great result and I’m absolutely thrilled. They’re fantastic candidates and they worked so hard.

“The Lib Dems took the Riverside ward for granted.

"They thought it was safe and they’ve been proved wrong."

Friends of Twickenham Riverside member Scott Naylor had been actively involved in the campaign against the redevelopment, claiming the land should be opened up for community use.

He said: “It’s all now completely about the community.

“I want to thank all of the massive support [I have received] from all the community groups."

The Conservatives pledged before the election that they would give the riverside site back to the people of Twickenham forever if they won control of the council.