KEW oarswoman Roz Savage received a Valentine card from the Royal Navy as she continued her epic journey across the Atlantic.

Roz, 37, the only solo female taking part in the Atlantic Rowing Race, made a brief rendezvous on Tuesday with the Royal Navy Destroyer HMS Southampton whose crew presented her with a Valentine card.

Second in command, Lt Cdr Ben Carroll said: "The race rules do not allow us to provide any support to her. But no one can complain about a Valentine card. We did offer her the captain's bath which she seemed quite tempted by."

The warship and rowing boat made their rendezvous 750 miles east of Antigua, in the West Indies in mid-ocean as Roz continued the gruelling 2,550 nautical mile race from La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

After an eventful voyage during which her boat Sedna Solo has been rolled upside down by huge waves, Roz is now almost three-quarters of the way across the Atlantic and likely to finish in Antigua in early March.