The work done by the Women's Information Centre in Twickenham is to be highlighted in the House of Commons by MP Vincent Cable.

Dr Cable secured an adjournment debate on the subject of Domestic Violence and the lack of money available to groups like the one in Twickenham which offers support and advice to women who suffer because of disputes in the home.

Talking about domestic violence Dr Cable said: "The women's centre in Twickenham has become a heavily used centre since it became recognised as a resource for victims of violence. Unfortunately its funding is precarious, dependant on charities and the council, neither of which are secure long term solutions."

Dr Cable's debate was held to raise the question of funding of centres like the one in Twickenham.

The MP is hoping to pin down Home Office ministers on how much money these centres will receive in the future and whether courts will take a tougher stance on perpetrators of domestic violence.

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