PLANS for the demolition of Twickenham Stadium's South Stand are gearing up, with residents preparing for the explosive day.

The 120 homes in the exclusion zone around the stand will be evacuated for half a day on July 10 while the demolition team move in.

Many are taking up an offer by the RFU to watch the event from inside the stadium, with hospitality laid on.

Twickenham MP Vincent Cable said that some residents have protested to him about issues such as liability for the cost of clearing up after dust settlement, accidental damage and the siting of the concrete crushing plant.

Dr Cable has written to the RFU seeking clarification about the preparations: "I have no doubt that the RFU and their contractors are approaching this matter with utmost care and there is now a lot of experience of safe, controlled explosions. But residents are nervous. If dozens, perhaps over 100, people have to be evacuated for half a day there must be at least the potential for a lot of flying debris and dense dust clouds. There will be a lot of mess to clear up. Residents want to be absolutely clear who is responsible for any cost."

The RFU say that residents have been well informed and consulted over the plans. A letter was hand delivered to 120 homes in the exclusion zone with detailed information on the demolition day and the RFU's assurance that the area would be cleaned if necessary after the 'blowdown'. A full schedule of the demolition was also enclosed and a questionnaire attached in order to address any concerns that neighbours within the exclusion zone may have.

A spokesman for the RFU said: "We have offered to provide neighbours with facilities and hospitality in the stadium's North Tryline suite and the opportunity to watch the demolition 'blowdown' with invited guests in the North Stand. From the responses received, some are making their own arrangements on the day but most have requested hospitality and to view the 'blowdown'.

"Every home in the exclusion zone will receive a response to the questions raised by neighbours from the RFU and Controlled Demolition Group and any concerns addressed. They will also receive a schedule of activities and arrangements for the 'blowdown' day.

"The RFU is aware that the demolition 'blowdown' will be inconvenient for a number of our neighbours and we shall do all we can to minimise any inconvenience."