Police are working with Richmond Council to crackdown on bully boys operating on a Hanworth council estate.

More police will patrol the Butts Farm estate after three women had to be escorted out of their homes because of fear for their safety.

The three women, all mothers, told the Richmond Guardian: "We can't go back home because we know these people will hurt us. We are single mothers and these men seem to get a kick out of picking on people who can't fight back."

Two of the women - Deborah Campbell and Christina Larkin - believe they were targeted because they are estate representatives, which involves meeting with Richmond Council to ensure decent living conditions on the estate.

The women have been threatened, had graffiti scrawled over their homes and followed home by strange men.

The women have also had Sitex (security fencing) fitted to their doors and windows but the threats increased to such an extent that police had to escort the three women off the estate.

Richmond Council is working with local police to cut down claims of harassment on the estate.

A council spokesman said: "We are looking at a whole series of ways to step up security to gain evidences of these incidents. CCTV is one of the options being considered on the estate.

"We are taking this case very seriously and aim to provide a safe environment for all the residents."

Hounslow police have promised to introduce more patrols on the estate. Chief Inspector Dave Page, said: "This is quite a long-standing problem and we have been working with Richmond and Hounslow councils to resolve it.

"A divisional commander takes over at Hounslow in a couple of weeks and is undertaking a much sharper focus on sector policing -- local solutions for local problems.

"Vulnerable victims, racial harassment and domestic violence will be one of our priorities."

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