Sir,-Your editorial (March 1st) accuses Michael Fish and John Leslie of "abuse of privilege and a lofty arrogance that needs to be actively discouraged."

In the case of Mr Fish, I was glad his letter drew my attention to the proposal to make Cambridge Park into a bus route. The character and the feel' of the Cambridge Park area, particularly down towards the river' end (a dead-end for vehicles) is, to me, indeed an idyllic backwater', as he says. I understand it is a Conservation Area, and that the council has a duty, when considering development proposals, to preserve and enhance' the special character of such areas.

The special character of the area, and its back-water feel, has to do in part, to my mind, with the close proximity of the river, barely glimpsed but anticipated, the lack of through-traffic, the mature trees, the open-grassed areas, communal but quiet and apparently untrespassed, the mix of house-styles including massive Victorian mansions some still in single use, the bowling greens redolent of a bygone age, even the fact that one can clearly hear the birds most of the day!

The introduction of buses, to assist those with mobility difficulties and without access to a car, is indeed a laudable aim, and to that extent I agree with your editorial.

A sensitive scheme might involve utilising small mini-coach' type buses that can turn at dead-ends' without having to widen the roads nor fell any of the superb trees that are of the essence in the area, with shelters of a design which respects local character.

The scheme might also involve a speed limit for all traffic, buses and cars, to 15 mph, enforced with humps and landscaped pinch-points'.

Perhaps such a scheme could be devised by the same people who in the past had the commonsense and care for the environment to align the pavement to go round' the beautiful, ancient tree that stands near the place where Cambridge Park forks, rather than chopping it down so the pavement could go straight.

An insensitive scheme, one involving felling of trees etcetera, so that large buses can swing round, would be a retrograde step and, as the age of the Philistine is not quite extinct even in these enlightened times.

Mr Fish is fully entitled to make that point. I do not see it as lofty arrogance' and the mind boggles at your suggestion that he needs to be actively discouraged' - is that eliminated' or neutralised', perhaps, by your editorial team, in the manner of Stalinist Russia!

As for Mr Leslie's dealings with the council regarding his new development allegedly not built to plan, your report indicates to me that this matter is being addressed through the normal town planning procedures.

If a breach of control is identified, the council will have to come to a reasoned and defensible view as to the expediency of enforcement action.

Whilst I know no details of the case, it is unlikely to my mind that Mr Leslie personally and wilfully ordered his builders or agents to depart from the approved plans.

If I am right, then your criticism of him personally for lofty arrogance' is entirely unjustified.

Perhaps it is your editorial that could be seen as arrogant, since you assume arrogance to be the natural condition of showbiz' personalities.

But do not fear; even if you are arrogant, I shall not call for you to be actively discouraged' (or is that A-Deed', in street-speak).

Footnote: I survive happily without ever having seen a single episode of Corrie', Brookie' or EastEnders' and wouldn't recognise Will or Gareth if they offered me a free copy of Hello! Magazine - so I cannot be classed as a celebrity-junkie, or of having a bias towards showbiz' personalities.

-P. Simmons. St Margaret's Road, East Twickenham.