SIR - Following the warning by Charlotte Bibby in your paper regarding her intruder, I too had an unexpected visitor a few weeks ago.

I was woken at about 3.30am by a noise in the adjacent bedroom. It was dark, I didn't have my glasses on, the phone was in the next room and I was petrified. Not knowing what to do I sat in bed perfectly still, straining my ears to identify the noise.

My terror was intensified when I heard two creaks outside my partially open bedroom door and a dark shape came into the doorway. It disappeared as quickly as it arrived but as far as I was concerned the dark shape was a man with an axe on his hands and knees. I stayed motionless for what seemed an eternity not hearing any further sounds. I then decided to switch on all the lights and make as much noise as possible before investigating.

The culprit had left his evidence - a chewed wet leather sandal on the bedroom floor. The fox had entered and left via the cat flap not making a sound.

Unfortunately my cat had been killed a few weeks previously in the back garden by either the same fox or one of its mates but it hadn't occurred to me that one would be daring enough to come into the house. Cat owners beware.

Dianne Tempest, Warren Road, Whitton