SIR - It seems that we are not the only species to enjoy relaxing on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday my 24-year-old son was upstairs in his bedroom, catching up on lost sleep, when he was woken by what he assumed to be our cat licking his leg. Finding the persistent attention irritating he opened an eye and was confronted by a fox!

The fox was very relaxed - well it was a Sunday afternoon - the son was not.

He leapt out of bed, then leapt back on top of the bed, shrieked for his mother and waved his arms about. Unperturbed the fox walked slowly out of the room and retraced its steps down the stairs, through the sitting room and back out through the kitchen doors.

Teddington's furry, four-legged intruder presumably moved on in search of a more welcoming host and an empty bed.

Be warned, that bed could be yours!

Charlotte Bibby Cambridge Road, Teddington