The naming of the new international channel tunnel rail link at Ebbsfleet will be decided by London and Continental Railways.

The announcement at a Dartford Borough Council meeting comes in the middle of an argument over whether the station should be called Ebbsfleet International or Kent Thames-side.

In a recent News Shopper poll 95 per cent of callers wanted Ebbsfleet to be the name.

A spokesman for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link said: “The name of the station has not been finalised. We are listening to all contributions to the debate.”

Channel Tunnel Rail Link has been contracted by London Continental Railways, which won the Government franchise to build the station.

The name Kent Thames-side was suggested at a high-level Channel Tunnel Rail Link forum meeting in May and supported by the leader of Dartford Borough Council Councillor John Muckle without consulting the council.

It has been criticised as a marketing gimmick by locals including Galley Hill councillor Mike Crosby who said: “To call the station Kent Thames-side is the height of absurdity. It is just a PR marketing gimmick.”

Supporters of the name Ebbsfleet International include Dartford MP Dr Howard Stoate, who said: “Kent Thames-side is too artificial. We are definitely in favour of Ebbsfleet, which reflects the character and history of the area.”