A Pet Shop Boys fan saw her dreams come true after members of the band played an exclusive gig - in her front room.

Project manager Lorraine Sands, from Whitton, had the surprise of her life after she opened her front door to find her music heroes Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe standing on her doorstep last Friday.

The surprise visit was organised as part of MasterCard’s ultimate Priceless experience, held to celebrate 30 years of the Brit Awards.

Mrs Sands, 36, of Warren Road, said: “When I opened the front door and saw Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe standing on my doorstep I thought I must be hallucinating.

“I’ve been a massive Pet Shop Boys fan for over 20 years and to have them play a gig right in my front room, for just me and my closest friends, was too good to be true.”

As a thank you to music fans across the country Mastercard, which sponsors the award ceremony, offered the chance for people to have a Brit award winner play live in their living room.

However, the experience did not come without hard work as Miss Sands had to enter 600 words on why she should win the experience, answer a Brit-themed quiz and send in a picture of herself in an unusual place.

Determined to win, Miss Sands sent in daily photos featuring herself in odd locations, including a picture of her at the dentist.

Last Wednesday she received the news she had won.

She had to wait a further two days to discover who would be playing in her front room.

The music fan said: ”On the Wednesday I got the call telling me I’d won and I was just screaming in the middle of work.

“Then I got scared thinking what if I wouldn’t recognise the band that turned up.

“When I answered the door I couldn’t believe it.

“I woke up on Saturday and thought did that really happen.”

The Pet Shop Boys, who have sold more than 50 million records worldwide, serenaded Miss Sands, her friends and her partner with four songs, including the well-known hits West End Girls and It’s a Sin.

Mr Tennant said: “Reproducing part of our tour in someone’s living room was surreal but it was very good fun.”

Footage from the gig will be shown during the live broadcast of the Brit Awards shown on ITV1, on February 16.