RESIDENTS gathered outside a Brentford pub on Tuesday night to see its ground floor windows being smashed, a huge brawl break out in the street and the Lord of the Rings film star Elijah Wood fall through the doors carrying a blood soaked friend before escaping in a stolen car.

But locals do not need to fear a violent crime wave. The streets around Brentford Football Club's Griffin Park ground on Ealing Road were the scene of filming for "The Yank."

Elijah Wood, AKA Frodo of Lord of the Rings fame, was on set on Monday and Tuesday to shoot scenes for the film, in which he stars alongside Charlie Hunnam. The film by Lexi Alexander is about an American seduced by football hooliganism, and The Griffin public house, on Brook Road South, has been transformed into the "Brigid Abbey" for several of the film's scenes. Further scenes were also shot at Brentford football ground, which is less than 100 metres from the pub.

Landlord Ralph Clifton was pleased to say that the Fuller's pub was returned to it's former glory by the following day. He added that business wasn't affected by the filming: "We put the regulars upstairs in the function room. We must be the only pub in England that's had Elijah Wood serving pints."

Locals were allowed on set to watch, as long as they stood out of range of the strong set lights to avoid casting tell-tale shadows on the floor. Despite the rain, many turned out to watch the actors, some of whom were actual members of the West Ham and Millwall football firms', rehearse the fight scenes ready for the final takes.

Residents were notified of the filming although gaining access to properties proved difficult as police kept cars waiting to avoid being in shot. However, the excitement of watching a Hollywood star in action seemed to quell any grumbles.

The film is scheduled for release in 2005.