The names of two wards in the borough will not change, after less than 100 residents responded to a consultation about the plan.

A survey was launched last August, after the council received requests to change the name of the Hampton Wick and Fulwell and Hampton Hill wards.

Letters were sent to community groups and organisations and notices were placed on the council’s website, notice boards and at libraries, asking residents if they would like the wards’ names to be changed to Hampton Wick and South Teddington, and to Hampton Hill and North West Teddington.

However, at a meeting of the full council on Tuesday night, it was revealed less than 100 people had taken part in the consultation, out of 7,280 registered electors in the Hampton Wick ward and 7,396 in the Fulwell and Hampton Hill ward.

At the meeting 23 councillors voted against the idea, 16 abstained and only four voted in favour.

Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside ward Councillor David Williams, who voted against the name change, said: “Ward names should be as short as possible.

“My ward is the longest and it’s of most nuisance and inconvenience.”

He spoke of his jealousy of council leader Serge Lourie, who is ward councillor of Kew.

The consultation was reported to have cost £600, and about a week of a council officers time.

Leader of the opposition, Councillor Nicholas True, said: “It really does question the amount of money and time spent on this.

“I can’t believe it’s a priority for the council at this time.”

Of those who took part in the consultation, 49 per cent voted in favour of Fulwell and Hampton Hill ward changing it’s name to Hampton Hill and North West Teddington.

However 54 per cent of people voted for the Hampton Wick ward to have South Twickenham added to its name.

It was argued at the time of the consultation the name change would “improve democracy and transparency” for people living in those wards.

A response in the report from one resident said: “There has been considerable confusion in the past as to where ownership of some important issues lie, and these changes should encourage a wider participation and input to the democratic process.”

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