Bus drivers picketed outside Fulwell Bus Garage to protest at what they see as victimisation and harrassment.

Members of the RMT Union - the national union of rail, maritime and transport workers - working for bus operator London United staged the protest on Wednesday morning at the Wellington Road garage, the firm’s head office.

One Fulwell-based driver, who did not want to be named, said RMT members felt harrassed as members of other unions had been putting up noticess criticising his union and saying RMT membes weren’t welcome in the garage.

He continued: “The company refused to take them down, it’s causing a lot of trouble.”

The RMT described the notices, which tell drivers in the RMT the union will not be able to represent them if they find themselves in trouble, as completely unfounded.

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary who was unable to attend, said: “RMT is building a strong organisation at London United which is challenging the company for a decent deal for staff on pay and working conditions.

“The company feel threatened by the presence of a proud, militant organisation like RMT and in response have begun harassing individual members of staff.

“This protest will send out a clear message that the RMT is growing fast amongst London bus workers who’ve had a lousy deal in recent years and will also send a signal that we will not tolerate the victimisation and harassment of our reps and members.”

A London United spokesman said the firm had a long standing recognition agreement with the union Unite and consulted and negotiate with representatives elected by that union.

“While we accept the right of any members of staff to join an alternative union we cannot enter into collective discussions with a union that we do not have a recognition agreement with,” he added.