A group of Woking FC fans were involved in a “brawl” when they played a match against Hampton and Richmond Borough last weekend.

Richmond Police confirmed there had been a fight in Station Road, around 500m from the ground, at around 6.30pm on Saturday after the match between the teams had finished with a 2-0 victory for Woking.

A spokeswoman for the force said it was between a group of Woking supporters and a group of “locals” drinking in a pub and confirmed no Hampton fans were involved.

The police said one man - reported to be about 50 by the London Ambulance Service - was taken to hospital with a head injury and the rest of those involved were put on trains out of the area, no-one was arrested.

Stefan Rance, a Hampton and Richmond Borough spokesman, confirmed no Hampton fans were involved and said he was waiting at a bus stop close by to where the incident took place.

“I have been going for 20 years and there was no-one I recognised,” he said. “A group of Woking fans were followed out of a pub by a group who had been drinking in there.

“The people coming out of the pub were not fans of Hampton and Richmond Borough.

“The club are investigating but there isn’t any reference to it being our fans.”

An eyewitness, who did not want to be named, said he saw seven or eight 35-40 year-old men leaving a pub.

“They were shouting out ‘white army’,” he continued. “I’m not sure if it was football related or racist.

“Coming the opposite was were three lads, 16 or 17 and Asian and they ran off and got their mates.

“They met outside the fish bar and the seven or eight men threw down their pint glasses, ran towards the group and started punching and kicking.

“It was mass brawl, one man was left unconscious, it might have been worse.”

John Moore, from Woking FC, said there had been no official complaints to the club from either Hampton and Richmond or the police.

“This club prides itself on being a family club and we deplore any incidents,” he continued. “We treat it very seriously and if we find out who the trouble makers are, steps will be taken because we do not tolerate this sort of behaviour.

“We don’t have any issues with hooligans or people causing trouble but if it becomes and issue we will take steps to deal with those involved.”