Neighbours of MPs Alan and Ann Keen say there has been no sign of the couple attempting to move back into their constituency home - two months after squatters were kicked out.

The couple’s “main home” in Brentford remained boarded up this week, with metal shutters securing the ground floor windows, following an alleged sex attack during the squatter’s farewell party on July 11.

The Keens, who have been living full-time at their £700,000 Thames-side apartment since their main home fell into disrepair last year, said at the time they were determined to move back in as soon as possible. However, residents say they have seen no sign of the couple dubbed “Mr and Mrs Expenses” - and said they would rather see the squatters back in residence instead of the house languishing.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Investigation: Alan and Ann Keen
'Not straight forward': Ann and Alan Keen say they have been delayed in moving back to Brentford while they took legal advice

Neighbour Daniel Laws, 30, a teacher, said: “There has been very little activity there. No builders, no Keens, nothing, it’s just empty.

“There is no building activity, I go past there every day to Morrisons and I haven’t seen any activity at all. It’s still an abandoned house.”

He said some residents in the street felt disappointed the squatters were evicted, adding: “While the squatters were there, there was actually a sense of community. I met more of my neighbours from that squat than I ever did from three years living here without the squat.

“To be honest I would just rather the Keens moved out the area. They are being investigated for their claims and they obviously don’t want to live here.”

Richmond and Twickenham Times: No entry: Squatters took over the Keens' empty home earlier this year
No entry: Squatters took over the Keens' empty home earlier this year

Another neighbour, a father-of-two who asked not to be named, said: “They boarded up inside the door and some of the windows, but nothing has gone on since a week after the squatters moved out.

“I haven’t seen the Keens here for well over a year, then again I’m not always looking outside so they may have slipped past and gone inside.

“I don’t know what their arrangements are, but they certainly haven’t had any work going on in there.”

Mrs Keen, MP for Brentford and Isleworth, and her husband, MP for Feltham and Heston, claimed £140,000 over four years for their second home, which is less than 10 miles from Brentford.

Mr Keen said they had been delayed moving back to Brentford while they took legal advice, and builders were set to begin work this week.

He said: “The legal advice is regarding everything that’s happened to the house and the people that have been involved in and probably contributed to the problem. It’s not a straight forward issue.”

Details of second home investigation 'may never be known'

Details of the investigation into whether the Keens misused their second home allowance may never be revealed to the public, the parliamentary standards watchdog has said.

John Lyon, the parliamentary commissioner for standards, launched a probe into the couple’s expenses claims following a complaint more than two months ago.

A spokeswoman confirmed that Mr Lyon had agreed to follow up the complaint, but this week said the investigation was still ongoing.

She said: “There’s three ways the case can be resolved, which are it can be dismissed, there could be an informal resolution, and in either of these cases I would tell you if you asked me, but we would not make the details available to the public.

“If the commisssioner reports to the committee if he upholds the complaint or dismisses it, then his report is always made available to the public. In this case it is still ongoing.”