A one-eyed dog was saved from drowning by quick-thinking boaters on the River Thames.

The white Staffordshire bull terrier, called Piggy, was enjoying her normal swim in the Thames by Ham House with her daughter Wunny on Sunday, when she was pulled into the middle of the river by a strong current and began to struggle.

Her owner Nanette Hollis, 48, from Back Lane, Ham, said: “First a rowing boat tried to pull her out but she ended up going underneath the boat. Everybody was as mad as me screaming and running along the river as she was being taken further and further out.

“The current was taking her away and the river was so busy with big boats. She’d been in the water for a few minutes and I didn’t think she was going to make it.

”A second larger patrol boat pulled up alongside her but the man couldn’t get her out of the water but she’s a big old Staf.”

The distressed dog was finally rescued when a third boat joined in the effort and together with the patrol boat managed to drag her out.

Although only having one eye, Piggy is a regular swimmer in the Thames, relying on her eight-year-old daughter for guidance.

Nanette said: “It was funny as the guy in the third boat was called Dinos and Piggy’s name used to be Dino but I changed it because she looks like a pig from behind.

“I thanked him but I hope he realises just how grateful I am. It was a close one.”