ANYONE with a burning desire to help a local charity can have their wish come true on the world’s shortest sponsored walk.

It won’t take long because the route is just 20ft long. The difference is that walkers must tread a path of embers glowing at a gentle 1,200F (649C).

The Fire Blaze Walk is no pedestrian challenge. Participants will have the satisfaction of raising money to help open a day service for the Isleworth based Life Opportunities Trust which helps people with physical and sensory learning disabilities The evening is being arranged on Friday, September 5th by a company with ten years’ experience in the field and crucially, no reported mishaps. Walkers will be given a 90 minute training session from 6.30pm in preparation for the big moment at 8.30pm.

Initially, the idea of walking on coals made organiser Barbara Smith recoil. ‘‘When the company first approached me, I thought, no way am I going to do that! But after I watched a CD ROM about the event, I thought, yes, I’m going to do it.’’ For those who think they can stand the heat, Barbara’s number for information is 8847 2172, mobile 07876 366 025. The CD ROM is also available for anyone to view.

Barbara has an intriguing suggestion for potential sponsors. ‘‘If individuals want to ‘burn the boss’ or anyone else, they can band together and sponsor one person from their company or group’’.

Supporters not brave enough to toe the line can go along for the evening, watch the spectacle which will feature music and tuck into some nice tasty food at £5 a head. A barbecue of course.