A LEGAL challenge to the council’s decision to close off historic parkland could be dropped after officials agreed to pull down the security fence.

Two residents sought a judicial review on the legality of putting up an 8ft hoarding around the top site of Crystal Palace Park.

The fence has caused huge resentment in the area since it went up more than a year ago.

It has been ripped down and had anti-Bromley Council graffiti painted on it several times.

Now, with the process of community consultation heading towards resolution, it is likely the case will be dropped.

Storm Poorun, who represents Diane Redford and Ken Falloon, says the council has met three of their four demands on opening up the land where Joseph Paxton’s famous Crystal Palace once stood.

Mr Poorun will seek an adjournment on the judicial review to await confirmation dumped rubbish will be cleared from a patch of land near the caravan park.

This is the only sticking point left.

Bromley Council’s chief landscape officer Colin Brand has been asked by councillors to report back in one month.

The council’s executive has agreed to remove the £25,000 fence and replace it with a landscaped bank which will allow public access while preventing fly-tipping.

Mr Poorun said: “We’re very pleased it has finally relented. We want to withdraw the review but only when all aspects of our request have been satisfied. They have not been satisfied yet.” Mr Brand told executive members once the fence is down, landscaping can be done at “fairly short notice”.