Sir – I work as a veterinary nurse in Twickenham and see first hand the damage and death that urban foxes cause.

I too have lost one of my beloved cats which was savagely ripped in two and left in my garden.

No other animal could have caused this level of destruction other than a fox as I live in a road where there are no dogs.

While at work I constantly hear from owners of rabbits, guinea pigs and cats which have either been attacked and/or killed by foxes.

Along with my concern for our pets I worry about how long before a young child/baby is attacked.

Being an animal lover, all animals deserve love and respect, but the number of foxes now residing in our borough has risen to an unacceptable level and a review on culling them is essential.

If packs of dogs roamed our streets scavaging, ripping our waste bins, scattering mess and killing our pets would we not be asking for the council to act?