A primary school in Twickenham with “a strong sense of community” has maintained its “outstanding” rating after its latest Ofsted inspection.

Deer Park School was inspected on May 23, 2024.

The school was last inspected in 2018 where it received an “outstanding” rating.

Inspectors were particularly impressed by the school's strong sense of community where “leaders, staff, parents, and carers work together to provide children with an excellent start to their education”.

This collaborative spirit reflects the school's core values of being Happy, Enthusiastic, Resilient and Thoughtful (HEART), which “permeate all aspects of their school life”.

Inspectors praised the exemplary behaviour of pupils, who demonstrate a clear love for learning and take great pride in their school.

This positive environment is supported by an ambitious curriculum that offers a rich and balanced range of knowledge, skills, and opportunities to cater to diverse interests.

Subjects like finance are taught alongside core disciplines such as English, maths, and science, ensuring a well-rounded education that prepares children for the future.

The Ofsted inspector said: "By the end of Year 6, pupils' attainment and progress in reading, writing and mathematics are significantly above the national average in national assessment tests."

Deer Park School offers a variety of extra-curricular clubs catering to a wide range of interests, with options like karate, debating, and arts & crafts.

Educational trips were also praised, with highlights including residential visits to Wales and France.

The school recognises the importance of social and emotional wellbeing, creating a safe and supportive environment.

Staff offer dedicated "Time to Talk" sessions with specially trained personnel to address any concerns pupils may have.

Children have access to the "Calm Club" if in search of a quieter space during playtime.

Pupils with Special Educational Needs enjoy “The Retreat”, a room equipped with soft furnishing and equipment.

Alexander Lee, Deer Park School headteacher said: "We’re delighted that the Ofsted report captures the cohesion and togetherness that characterise our school community: it’s a lovely celebration of the hard work our staff and families put in for our children.

"We’re now looking to the next steps in our school journey, to continuing to grow and develop the offer for our pupils, and to building on the successes captured in the inspection."

Mark Greatrex, BPET Chief Executive: "The ‘outstanding’ rating achieved by Deer Park School is a true testament to the commitment of our dedicated staff. Since BPET opened Deer Park School in 2015, they have consistently maintained exceptionally high standards as the school continues to grow."