The famous “yellow” Beigel Shop in Brick Lane is set to return after a family dispute left it closed for months.

The shop at 155 Brick Lane was shuttered in February this year in mysterious circumstances.

At the time, the owners claimed the shop would only be closed for a “short period” while essential electrical maintenance was carried out.  

But pictures posted to social media suggested it had been seized after a High Court order.

The shop, which boasts a history dating back to 1855 and is arguably one of the most popular spots in Brick Lane, has been closed ever since.

The shop is just a few doors down from another famous bagel institution, the Beigel Bake ('the white one').

But in a comeback that nobody expected but everybody hoped for, its owners have announced that the Beigel Shop’s doors will once again be open 24/7, from Wednesday (June 26).

New details about the reasons behind the closure have now been revealed by the business, and turns out it wasn’t just to fix the wiring.

According to The Beigel Shop, the recent hiatus was the “culmination of a long-standing family dispute” over the building’s ownership and rent.

The shop said that this came at a time when their “beloved father and uncle”, Aron, who took over the shop with his brother David in 1987, had suffered from a heart attack and multiple strokes.

The three children of his sister, Mazal are now said to be taking over the business, alongside Aron’s 22-year-old quadruplets.

The shop has also asked for the public’s help in trying to ease some of its "financial burdens", which it said included doubled rent, machinery upgrades and renovations.

These include the electrical updates cited as the initial reason for the closure.

The family has now set up a GoFundMe to help raise the money they say they need – with a target of £50,000.

They added: “As we reopen our doors, our hearts are filled with hope for the future, buoyed by the unwavering support of our incredible community.

“We are deeply grateful for your loyal presence through every twist and turn.”