An "incredible" London chippy has been named as one of the best fish and chip shops in the UK.

Fish Central, in Central Street, King Square, has been ranked among the country's top 20 best chippies for its "outstanding" food and customer service.

Totting up 4.5 stars from 635 reviews on TripAdvisor and 4.7 stars from 924 reviews on Google, Londoners can't get enough of this "hidden gem".

In a list published by The Observer, most of the top picks for fish and chip shops were, predictably, coastal restaurants.

However, Fish Central's reputation for serving freshly-cooked fish, alongside wholesome, community vibes, helped it secure a spot within the top 20.

The Observer said of the chippy: "At lunch, expect black-cab drivers, pensioners and Friday office friends; on weekends, the vibe is lights off, saucepans banging, staff singing happy birthday to locals."

Since it opened in 1968, the fish and chip shop near Angel has gained a Travellers' Choice 2023 award on TripAdvisor, and a loyal following of satisfied customers.

One Londoner said on TripAdvisor: "Both the food and staff are outstanding.

"Not pricy either.

"Fish as fresh as could be and cooked to perfection.

"Highly recommend."

Meanwhile, reviewer Paula García León said on Google: "The quality of the fish is incredible, so fresh and flavourful.

"I went with some friends and it is a complete good value for money restaurant."

On its website, Fish Central says that their restaurant is "not just a dining experience; it's a journey from the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean to the bustling heart of London".

Londoner Kat B agreed, calling the restaurant "a hidden gem in the area" and raving about its seafood and service.

She said: "The fish is so fresh and affordable.

"We enjoyed our grilled fish dishes and will definitely come back for the lobster salad next time."