Battersea Power Station’s grand architecture and rich history make it something special. It has recently been transformed into a shopping complex and entertainment centre and has become an endless playground for couples of all kinds, making it a truly ideal destination for a memorable date night.

My partner and I are always on the lookout for unique and entertaining experiences for our date nights, and this time, Battersea Power Station and the surrounding archway units made for a real concoction of amazing things to do.

With the rain starting to pour, it became the perfect setting for our evening adventure. Both of us are avid gamers, so we started our night by checking out DNA VR, a virtual reality gaming centre that promised an array of exciting experiences.

Virtual reality, or VR as it's commonly known, is a technology that transports you to a different world by immersing your senses in a digital realm. Equipped with headsets and microphones, we dove into a variety of games that catered to different tastes.

To set the mood for the October season, we kicked off with a horror game called Fear of the Dark. Although we're not easily scared, there was something exhilarating about hearing ominous noises behind us, only to turn around and face a giant werewolf. We couldn't help but burst into laughter in between each scream.

Our next adventure in the virtual world was a rhythm game named Ragnarock where we had to drum along to the beat of a Viking ship. Sadly, I quickly discovered that I lack any real rhythm, but my partner excelled which was frustrating.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: DNA VR DNA VR (Image: Amy C)

Then, we took part in a cooking game named Clash of Chefs that pitted us against each other to prepare dishes for a restaurant. It turned out to be loads of fun, with my partner hurling food and shrimp onto my pizzas to disrupt my culinary efforts. We shared fits of laughter and competitiveness as we tried to outdo each other.

We also experienced a thrilling game called Skyfront where it felt like we were flying around with guns in hand, targeting each other. The sensation of soaring through the air was surreal and unforgettable. The staff at DNA VR were exceptional, guiding us through each game and offering assistance when needed.

After our virtual reality adventure, we moved on for dinner. I had heard great things about Le Bab from previous takeout orders during nights out in Old Street. Now, with the restaurant offering a classy sit-down dining experience, I couldn't wait to try it out. Richmond and Twickenham Times: Le BabLe Bab (Image: Amy C)The lamb in “The Dirty Bab” was exquisite, tender, and bursting with flavour and the Chimichurri was outstanding. A recommendation from the staff led us to try the hummus, which turned out to be the best I've ever tasted.

We washed down our sumptuous meals with two exceptional cocktails – a Margarita for me and an Espresso Martini for my partner.

The restaurant's ambience was a perfect blend of modern and chic, making it an ideal setting for a date night. The atmosphere and the quality of the food complemented each other beautifully.

As the night progressed, we moved to Control Room B within Battersea Power Station, and it turned out to be the highlight of our evening. The range of cocktails on offer was impressive, including one served in a cup shaped like Battersea Power Station itself – a quirky touch that amused us.

I appreciated the way Control Room B paid homage to the power station's history by keeping many of the old console panels in place.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Control Room BControl Room B (Image: Amy C)

The entire venue exuded an air of sophistication and charm, which made for a romantic and memorable atmosphere. The service at Control Room was nothing short of exceptional, with staff who were personable and genuinely excited to ensure we had a fantastic time.

They were eager to offer recommendations, and their warm and welcoming approach made the night even more enjoyable.

What truly stood out was the attention to detail in the cocktail menu, which was themed around Battersea Power Station. It was evident that a lot of care and thought had gone into celebrating the history of the place, transforming it into a key part of the experience.

The cocktails we tried were a testament to this, each unique and inspired by the power station itself. The snacks, including the brownie bites, cheddar, and stuffed peppers, were perfect accompaniments to the drinks.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Control Room BControl Room B (Image: Amy C)

Control Room B is a visually stunning venue, making it perfect for capturing memories of a special winter date night. The combination of exceptional cocktails, a charming atmosphere, and the historical significance of Battersea Power Station made for an unforgettable experience. This venue exemplifies the power of reinventing the old while preserving its heritage.

Our date night at Battersea Power Station was an all-round success, from the thrilling virtual reality adventures at DNA VR to the delectable dinner at Le Bab and the enchanting cocktails at Control Room B.

It's a place where history, architecture, and entertainment come together to create an experience that's truly something special.