A Metropolitan Police officer has been sacked after he used a racial slur in a nightclub argument. 

PC Dylan Cusano was out in Hastings when he called 999 claiming club doormen had assaulted him and stolen his watch, a misconduct hearing was told. 

Officers from Sussex Police checked CCTV and concluded that Cusano was lawfully ejected and advised him to leave. 

But drunk Cusano then became verbally aggressive, called a group of nearby women “f***ing whales” and shouted at a female police officer “getting attitude from this f****** c***”. 

Cusano then said “f*** off you P****” and “f****** poor c***” to the same officer. 

The incident took place on July 2 and on October 12 a misconduct hearing found Cusano’s actions amounted to gross misconduct and he was dismissed without notice. 

The panel noted: “PC Cusano is wholly responsible for his own behaviours. 

“He has been described as intoxicated which is not an excuse for his behaviour. He was ejected from a night club, reported assault and theft of his watch. 

“PC Cusano’s behaviour towards members of the public, using derogatory language to describe women a group of females and using demeaning and discriminatory language towards officers from Sussex. 

“PC Cusano was agitated, rude and aggressive; as a police officer with four years’ service, his training, experience and awareness should have assisted him in understanding the dynamics and situation he was in.”