House prices in Richmond upon Thames have plummeted by an average of over £14,000 in the month of December, according to figures from the Land Registry.

Richmond upon Thames is one of the most expensive area to buy a property in the UK despite this month's dip in prices.

The latest data from the government department reveals that in December 2022 average house prices in Richmond upon Thames reached £742,060.

This was down from £756,217 in November, representing a 1.9 per cent decrease. In the last 12 months it has fallen by -0.4 per cent.

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How much have house prices decreased in Richmond upon Thames?

Breaking it down for specific types of housing, all prices saw a decrease.

  • Detached houses - Down to £1,650,454 from £1,681,934 in November
  • Semi-detached houses - Down to £1,087,643 from £1,108,309 in November
  • Terraced houses - Down to £854,461 from £873,295 in November
  • Flats - Down to £483,154 from £490,754 in November

Richmond and Twickenham Times: What%are%the%latest%house%prices%in%Richmond upon Thames%? (PA)What%are%the%latest%house%prices%in%Richmond upon Thames%? (PA)

How do Richmond upon Thames house prices compare to the UK average?

Despite the fall in prices this month, Richmond upon Thames is still far above the UK average with a typical property value in the nations reaching £294,329 in December.

In cash terms, the average house price in December was £26,214 higher than a year earlier with house price growth accelerating to 9.8 per cent in December 2022. Prices were down by -0.4 per cent month on month.

How much could your house be worth?

We have created this map for the London so you can see the average house price in each neighbourhood since 1995.

Sites like Zoopla can offer an estimate valuation of your house if you input your postcode into their website here.

The above map can demonstrate which areas of Richmond upon Thames are the most expensive for average house prices.