A man has been arrested on suspicion of drug dealing after drugs and a large Rambo knife were seized in Richmond.

An undercover police car stopped a vehicle near Richmond Circus after officers claimed that they had noticed an interesting smell that was “worth pulling the car over” for.

When the driver saw the police lights in his mirror, officers said that he began to shuffle around in the car which was “easily mistaken for some sort of weird interpretive dance”.

Officers claim that he was stashing a large amount of cocaine in his boxers which was allegedly discovered when he was searched.

Police seized a large haul of both Class A and Class B drugs along with a substantial amount of cash and a large Rambo knife.

The suspect was arrested and taken into custody.

A spokesperson for Richmond Police posted on Facebook: “PCs Clements, Hudson, and Kilfoil took the unmarked out on proactive patrol in Richmond, feeling a bit left out as there's been a lot of great work showcased this Neighbourhood Week of Action.

“A productive shift ensued, however ten minutes before finish (isn't it always the case), an absolute crate drove past the unmarked worthy of some attention.

“The smell alone was worth a pull but his lane discipline left a fair amount to the imagination too. “Our target was stopped at Richmond circus where the driver upon seeing blues in his mirror, began to wiggle around in the car, easily mistaken for some sort of weird interpretive dance. “It transpired later though, that he was stashing a large amount of cocaine in around his nether regions.

“It wasn’t long before his make believe fairy tale collapsed, and he was thoroughly searched revealing a large haul of drugs both Class A and B. I “In his vehicle and on his person, was also a substantial amount of cash, and the absolute bonus of taking this very large Rambo knife off our streets.

“Space in custody booked for another pillar of the criminal community, leaving Richmond that little bit safer, and a very happy and worthwhile response team effort.”