As a parent, you want the best education for your child; Broomfield House School, where innovation meets tradition, provides just that.

With 146 years of providing quality education to children, it has firmly established itself as a trusted provider of education in Kew for pupils from early years to age 11. Their commitment to academic excellence is reflected in their impressive 11+ results, but their approach to education is much more than just academics. As a non-selective school, they believe in a holistic approach that prepares children for life, not just for exams.

Head of Broomfield, Adam Anstey, says: “Children can be children here, there’s a space for them to just enjoy being young and to try lots of new things. School should be an adventure.” The curriculum is broad and varied, with subjects such as computing, digital arts and philosophy, and challenges such as debating, to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Additionally, the PSHE (personal, social, health, and economic education) curriculum is robust, preparing children for life beyond school, helping them develop the confidence, empathy, and critical thinking skills they will need as they grow up.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Learning in the beautiful Kew GardensLearning in the beautiful Kew Gardens (Image: Broomfield House School)

Broomfield is a learning school, always looking to improve. That's why they invest in their staff, providing them with the best training and resources. They are enthusiastic and dedicated, creating a happy and supportive environment where children can thrive. The school is small, with just 184 students, and provides a personalised and tailored education for each child. Broomfield offers highly differentiated teaching so, whether a child struggles with algebra or excels in creative writing, their needs are met.

Additionally, the ILE program, Individual Learning Enhancement allows an investment in small group work, offering pupils both stretch and support so they can achieve their best. “What’s unique here is that we offer such personalised pathways. As a family school, we know the children really well and because of that we understand how we can challenge and nurture every single child in the way best suited to them.” says Mr Anstey.

The school embraces innovation in technology, while being careful not to rely too heavily on it. Broomfield is proud to be one of a few schools in the world with gold status from Atom Learning, an online AI-based learning platform that adapts to each child’s abilities and provides individualised homework and outside-of-classroom learning.

As part of the larger Dukes family of schools, Broomfield benefits from capital investment and is constantly improving its facilities, including a recent IT lab and planned upgrades to the outdoor spaces. As part of Dukes, Broomfield can offer priority entry at a senior school in the group, but they also prepare children for the 10+ and 11+, so they can go on to some of the best schools in London and beyond.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Loving learning in Pre-KindergartenLoving learning in Pre-Kindergarten (Image: Broomfield House School)

Located in the quiet area of Kew, the school's blend of traditional Victorian architecture and modern facilities is a lovely setting for learning and growth. The school was awarded ‘Excellent in all areas’ by the ISI Inspectorate in September 2022, the highest rating an independent school can achieve.

This even extends to the food at Broomfield. The head chef and his team ensure students are well-nourished with healthy and delicious meals, and plenty of choice. 

Overall, the school is dedicated to continuous improvement in all areas of school life. Every development, no matter how small, adds up over time to create a huge difference in the education and experience of the children. Mr Anstey explains: “My approach is for marginal gains, if you can improve everything by 1%, over time that will equate to a huge improvement across the board. The vision is to move forward all the time, in all areas.”

The school’s intention is to provide the best education for every child and, with a focus on a holistic approach and personalised pathways, Broomfield House School is well equipped to do just that. Mr Anstey says: "If we have the privilege of educating your child, we will endeavour to give them the very best experience that a prep school could offer.”