The principal goal for which the major powers of Western history have erected magnificent and exclusive squares has been European pre-eminence. St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, Moscow's Red Square, Florence's Piazza Della Signoria, and others are among Europe's most beautiful and historic squares. Today, we'll look at the ten greatest squares in Europe, which captivate us with their shapes, creative aspects, and cultural history.

Squares are clearly valuable and revealing public areas where historical, cultural, artistic, productive, gastronomic, and other cultural components can be easily recognised and observed. In a beautiful and valued square, the traditions, social environment, and distinctive conditions that identify the residents of a town, city, or country, as well as their unique way of perceiving and living life, are displayed.

Top largest squares in Europe

Warsaw’s Parade Square

The lovely Warsaw Parade Square in Poland is the largest square in Europe, with an expanse of 240,000m2. This stunning architectural work was constructed during the communist era in the 1950s. It got its name from the numerous military parades that took place at the time. Today, the area is particularly popular because of its historical significance and because it houses the famed Palace of Culture and Science.

Moscow’s Red Square

Russia claims of having the most stunning squares in the Western world. The most well-known is Moscow's Red Square. However, Russia also has the second largest square in Europe, the amazing and stunning Kuibyshev Square in Samara. Its 174,000m2 addition provides tourists with a stunning view in the winter when it is coated in light snow.

The Piazza Carlo di Borbone in Caserta

When it comes to gorgeous squares in Europe, Italy is not far behind, thanks to the work of gifted architects. Also, when we talk about famous squares, we have to include Piazza Carlo di Borbone, a precious historical jewel erected in the 18th century with a 130,000m2 extension.  Following the path of this grand square, you will arrive to the Royal Palace of Caserta, created by the astute Luigi Vanvitelli, and walk through its opulent apartments. It’s a place of recreation and coffee, where you can play a game of rainbow riches with a vero italiano expreso in your other hand.

Quinconces Square

The Place des Quinconces in Bordeaux, a port city in the well-known nation of love, is one of the largest in Europe and the most impressive in all of France. This magnificent square is 126,000m2 and is embellished with fountains, sculptures, and trees. The beautiful obelisk known as the Dumilatre and Rich column shines out in this significant French square.

Freedom Square in Kharkiv

Freedom Square is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city. It is the country's largest square, measuring 119,000m2. It was once known as Dzerzinsky Square, after the founder of the Soviet secret police. The name was changed to Freedom Square after Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union. This stunning landmark is at its best when illuminated every night.

Parker’s Piece in Cambridge

It is one of Europe's grandest squares and the largest in the United Kingdom. This location was designed to provide visitors with the enjoyment of sport as well as an approach to nature. The large green spaces invite you to live a healthy lifestyle and promote body-mind balance. Parker's Piece, in addition to its fresh and natural side, has a royal and sumptuous background, as Queen Victoria was crowned there in 1838.

Unirii Square in Bucharest

It was formerly called as the National Square and is one of the largest squares in lovely Romania. This square is 97,000m2 and features lush and large plants amid its places. In addition, by following the square's green and linear route, you can come close to some impressive and historically significant buildings, such as the famous Palace of Parliament. So, if you're in Romania and near Bucharest, stop by Unirii Square for a moment.

Prato della Valle en Padua

Prato Della Valle is located in Padua, one of Italy's oldest cities, and is the second-largest square in the country and one of the largest in Europe. This elliptical-shaped plaza covers 90,000m2 and features a small circular water canal. A gorgeous island with rich green foliage, as well as over 78 incredibly beautiful and graceful statues, is positioned in its middle.

Place de la Concorde in Paris

One of Europe's largest and most popular squares, as well as a site of 300 years of history. During the French Revolution, its 86,400m2 saw over 1,200 executions, including those of Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, and Robespierre. The enormous Luxor obelisk stands in the square, representing 3,000 years of French history. So, if you visit the city of love, keep hold of your head.