A West London MP has slammed the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport as “disastrous” for residents.

Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney (Lib Dems)  said there would be a huge rise in carbon emissions and noise plaguing families if a third runway is built.

Ms Olney urged Liz Truss to rule out government support for the third runway at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday (October 12) over fears for the environment and residents living nearby.

She said: “For my constituents in Richmond Park and for communities across South West London, from Wimbledon to Elmbridge, any expansion of Heathrow would be disastrous.

“A third runway would see over six million more tonnes of carbon pumped into the atmosphere every year and two million households affected by increased noise levels. Last week, the transport secretary said she supported Heathrow expansion. The prime minister has previously stated she would support a fourth runway, so does the prime minister stand by her previous comments or will she rule out government support for construction of a third runway at Heathrow?”

Ms Truss said: “I absolutely agree with what the transport secretary said in her comments and what we need to do is make sure that industries like the air industry become more environmentally friendly. I support the development of low-carbon technology in those sectors. That’s the way we will help grow the economy but also serve the environment.”

But social media users have hit out at Ms Truss’ comments. Zack Polanski, deputy leader of the Green Party, tweeted: “Grim to hear Liz Truss support further airport expansion.” He added: “Once again she’s totally ignoring our commitments towards tackling the climate emergency based on fantasy. We don’t have this time to waste.”

Wandsworth Green Party also wrote: “What is this mystical environmentally friendly plane fuel? If you want to go to the USA what is the environmentally friendly way? If you ‘grow’ numbers of flights you ‘grow’ emissions. Growing emissions grows climate change.”

Supporters of the third runway have said it would create huge economic benefits and tens of thousands of jobs. MPs voted in favour of the third runway in 2018 and the Supreme Court reversed a decision to block the plans in 2020 meaning the airport can apply for planning permission.