The Royal Parks has warned visitors to steer clear of mating deer until early November.

Rutting season started this autumn, and so the Royal Parks has advised the public to show “extra vigilance” when visiting London’s two largest parks - Richmond and Bushy.

The Royal Parks said male deer are “pumped full of testosterone” at this time of year and can weigh more than 25 stone.

It is therefore not unusual for them to compete for the females by clashing antlers.

During the rutting season, the Royal Parks has told visitors to take responsibility for their safety by obeying the following advice:

  • Keep a minimum distance of 50m.
  • Keep dogs on a lead or walk elsewhere.
  • Abide by the British Deer Society’s Code of Conduct when photographing deer.
  • Never get between two rutting deer.

A young girl was injured in Bushy Park in 2018 after she was photographed next to a rutting stag.

The year before, a visitor to Richmond Park was hospitalised after suffering injuries from a male deer.

The Royal Parks have reminded photographers they are not exempt from following these rules.

Volunteer rangers wearing bright orange jackets will be around the parks throughout the mating season and will issue safety advice to visitors.