A bid to bring down the borough's lone sex shop has been foiled - despite the impending arrival of a new school in the road.

Two speakers opposed the renewal of the licence for Private Lines, in Kew Road, at a council committee meeting on Tuesday, April 15, but their arguments were rejected and the licence was granted for a further 12 months.

They claimed the opening of the Falcons Preparatory School for Boys, for 250 eight to 13-year-olds, further down the road in September would bring children into contact with the sex store.

Speaking on behalf of Twickenham Christian Concern, Chris Jarvis, said: "The school has a policy of deliberately promoting pedestrian traffic for children, parents and staff."

He expressed concerns that the existence of a shop selling hardcore pornography close to a residential area and a school would set a precedent in the borough and could lead to similar stores appearing in other high streets.

When the licence was first granted, in November 2005, the council's licencing sub committee listed that there were no schools in the immediate vicinity as one of the three reasons why the application was not rejected.

Borough resident Phillip Taylor also spoke out against the shop and alleged that if the council renewed the licence it would be going against Government policy by contravening the Every Child Matters support programme.

Representing Private Lines' owners, Darker Enterprises Ltd, Clive Sullivan rubbished the claims and said that no child could tell what was on sale from the outside.

He said: "It could be an accountants, a solicitors or a betting shop.

"There is not a sex shop in the country where people do not walk by.".

In its ruling, the committee deemed that a renewal would not be "inappropriate" and approved it. A full report detailing how they came to their decision will be published this week.

After the verdict Mr Jarvis added: "It was always going to be a close-run thing, but we are very disappointed with the council's stance."