Plans to bulldoze an empty Greggs for new homes and shops in Twickenham have returned after similar plans were thrown out in 2020.

More than 240 locals objected to plans from the same developer in 2019 to build 116 homes on the site, including fears the scheme would have made residents’ lives ‘hell’.

London Square has now submitted similar plans to build the same number of homes in buildings up to five storeys tall, as before, with more affordable housing.

The developer has also submitted another application proposing 97 homes and industrial space. 

Richmond and Twickenham Times: CGI of the 116-home plan for the Twickenham site. Credit: Assael Architecture/London Square DevelopmentsCGI of the 116-home plan for the Twickenham site. Credit: Assael Architecture/London Square Developments

There would be space for shops, offices or restaurants under both schemes.

Richmond Council can approve one or reject both.

Planning documents say the scheme would ‘regenerate’ the empty site by demolishing ‘poor quality buildings’ for a ‘highly sustainable mixed-use development’.

London Square’s old plans for the site received 241 objections and were slapped down by Richmond Council in 2020 due to concerns about affordable housing and losing industrial space. 

In a letter to Richmond Council in 2019, Henry Clive wrote: “The increase in congestion, increase in pollution, and decreased ability to park will make local residents lives hell and must not be allowed to happen.” 

Alison Paul said the buildings would ‘dwarf’ surrounding homes, ‘interfering with views and possibly light’.

She said: “This will also hugely impact traffic generation and highway safety with the number of cars negotiating the narrow roads in the area increasing dramatically.”

Jackie Houston said: “I hate to object to any plan that creates homes, however, I think this development is too big … parking has recently been hugely improved in this area and it would only be time before we were back to not being able to park near our homes, only this time we’d be paying for it.”

She added: “I believe any new development of a certain size should include proper affordable housing via a housing trust as to meet the needs of the whole community.

"People that already live, work and send their children to school here. Not just the few that can afford luxury homes.”

The new plans for 116 homes would include 58 affordable homes, 100 on-site car parking spaces and 224 cycle spaces.

Under the plans for 97 homes, there would be 20 affordable homes, 83 on-site car parking spaces for residents, 202 cycle spaces and more for workers.

London Square has been contacted for comment.