London will see a return of cooler weather this weekend but will still see a sunny end to the week, according to the Met Office forecast.

After Londoners experienced record-breaking temperatures on Monday and Tuesday, this weekend temperatures will feel more comfortable and closer to 30C as opposed to 40C.

Saturday will be cloudy throughout the day, with highs of around 26C between 4pm and 7pm.

The day will feel most humid at 7am and midday, and there is a very slim chance of rain showers.

Sunday will be slightly warmer than Saturday at 27C, and there will be uninterrupted sunshine throughout the day.

The hot weather will continue into the evening on both days, as temperatures could reach highs of 25C at 7pm in the evenings.

In contrast to the extremely hot start to the week, no weather warnings have yet been issued for the weekend and both days are set to experience dry spells, with a less cloudy and brighter Sunday ending the weekend.

Forecast for Saturday:

7am – Cloudy

10am – Cloudy

1pm – Cloudy

4pm – Cloudy

7pm – Cloudy

10pm – Cloudy


7am- Sun

10am- Sun

1pm- Sun

4pm- Sun

7pm- Sun

10pm- Clear night

Forecast in full:

Saturday: Set to be a very cloudy and warm day. From 1pm onwards, there will be south westerly gusts of wind, although these will only reach a maximum of 12mph. Visibility will be very good throughout the day.

Outlook for Sunday to Monday: A hotter Sunday with less cloud. Maximum temperature 27C. Isolated showers are likely on Monday, alongside intermittent sunny spells.

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