Netflix's Stranger Things have gripped millions of fans with its tense scenes, lovable characters, and mind-blowing plot twists. 

Now fans of the hit show can step into the world of supernatural mystery enduring friendships, and 80s nostalgia with the brand new Stranger Things: The Experience in London.

Opening up in August, the experience lets guests go on a perilous adventure through the darker side of Hawkins, including the likes of Hawkins Lab and the Upside Down. 

Featuring a new storyline created by the show's creators, guests will step into the parallel universe and stop the terror lurking in the dark and unlock their secret powers to help save the town. 

But once you've saved the day, there's plenty more to do with fans able to explore Mix-Tape. 

This is a spot where you'll get to meet real-life characters from the world, grab a USS Butterscotch sundae from Scoops Ahoy, try and beat MADMAX's high score at the Palace Arcade and even try out some unique cocktails. 

Plus, you can even chat with the friendly skaters at Rink-o-Mania and grab some exclusive merchandise and get close and personal with a real-life Demogorgon. 

How to get tickets to Stranger Things: The Experience in London

If you want to become one of the gang and take on your chances of surviving the upside down then you are in luck. 

Tickets for the experience are on sale now with prices starting at £39 per adult but there are also deals for group bundles.

Based at Troubadour Brent Cross Studios the experience lasts 45 minutes with unlimited time at Mix-Tape. 

You can get tickets now via the Stranger Things: The Experience website.